Dr. Neri is personable, intelligent, and really special. He personally called me and took the time to speak with me at length about a medical issue I needed help with, providing sound advice, referrals, and help after listening to my situation. I will recommend Dr. Neri to family, friends, and patients. I am a health care professional who deals with many doctors and surgeons and Dr. Neri is special. Thank you


Hi. My son, Gabriel, had surgery with Dr. Neri on the 24th of September. On behalf on my wife and I we would like to express our gratitude for the way we where treated. Since the moment we arrived on till our departure we received nothing but care, support and understanding from the doctors, nurses and staff. Gabriel is our first born a nothing like this has ever happened to him, so this situation was very hard for us to deal with. I remember very clearly a nurse that saw my wife crying and offered a hug and comforted her. We are all humans no mater where we come from, race or religion. Again THANK YOU ALL, we are very grateful. We will remember you in our hearts. God Bless!!!


I can't believe the way the doc repaired my rotator cuff. I was out the same day. He did a great job. I went to physical therapy and they are by far the best. Professial,Courtesy,and Respectful. Every one on his staff, and in the office were great. God Bless them all.


Dr. Neri was fantastic my hip feels 100% better. i was home same day. started pt 1 week later at pro health. Staff is great. My recovery is going very well. It's been 4 1/2 weeks. I feel great . I just want to start driving again . I would like to know when that will be possible.


Our son has been a baseball player since he was a little boy. He suffered a torn labrum at 14 years old which kept him from playing. The first doctor we went to told our son he would never play baseball again. We decided to get a second opinion with Dr. Neri. Within weeks Dr. Neri performed surgery and set him up with an after care plan. Within time he healed and regained his strength. He will be 18 in Sept, has been back on the field the last couple years and received a scholorship to play college ball in Connecticut. We are thrilled with the care Dr. Neri provided for our son, which allowed him to continue to pursue his dream of playing baseball.


I want to express my thanks and appreciation to the staff over at Pro Health Orthopedic Surgery in Lake Success. Specifically to Dr. Neri (a Boston College Alum who knows that myself, Richie Cole, the late Tony Mastrull and I THINK Gene Roma and Tony Lada did many gigs and recordings as Berklee "ringers" in the "BC Eagles of Sound" many moons ago!), to Dr. Sokol, anesthesiologist, Dr.Baker, (true. Yes, Artt Frank, I asked him) and ACE RNs Cheryl, Keri and Mary who laughed at my looped up jokes and who just made things easy. AND, Cousin Millicent Barwick who went all out to drive and support - AND listen to said jokes, too! FYI, the place has all these spots stars' jerseys on their wall. Maybe I'll give 'em an old mouthpiece to put up. Nah, maybe they think they HAVE one already, me!


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